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Technological Educational Institution of Epirus / GREECE

Logo-TEIEPTEI of Epirus is an organization of high national and European acknowledgment and validity, located in the region of Epirus, Greece. Its mission is clear: "to provide region of Epirus with the scientific and technological knowledge base, innovation, and workforce it needs to shape a prosperous and sustainable future and quality of life for its citizens. TEI of Epirus aims to become a multi-faceted research institute that serves as a source of new technologies and a driver of economic development not only for Epirus, but also for Greece and Europe". This is achieved through educational excellence, innovative research, and outreach in selected areas of endeavor. To accomplish its mission, TEI of Epirus follows a vigorous, dynamic research program that produces technology and innovation.

Municipality of Lecce / ITALY

Logo-LecceThe Municipality of Lecce has carried out several regional as well as trasnational cooperation projects focused on the support to the agro-industrial production; the most relevant is the Territorial  Integrated Plans funded by ERDF programme 2000-2006 addressing competitiveness and efficiency of the agricultural and agro-industrial system, through : - the modernization and rationalisation of agro-industrial system, - the integrated support to the territory and the development of the rural communities - the preservation and safeguard of the environment and the rural landscape.There is also an on-going project on the promotion of the Internationalization of typical excellent productions – oil and wine – aimed at the creation of an agro-industrial district of quality in the Ionic-Salento region (Measure 6.2 activity b). Moreover, the Strategic Plan of the area 2005-2015 foresees interventions focusing on the olive growing, in particular through a “park of olives and the Negramaro”. The Strategic Plan of the Municipality of Lecce will establish , enforce and manage the governance strategy involving actors, experiences, specificities and excellencess for the purpose of an integrated action of growth and development.Moreover, the Municipality of Lecce has activated the “Carrefour Agriculture Office ”, a virtual counter for problems related to the environment and agriculture. The aim is to raise the awareness of the operators through local meetings on the above mentioned themes and the participation in events for the promotion of the products and territories of Salento.         


Source: Agroquality Application Form, Sept 2009 / TEIEP web site / Municipality of Lecce web site


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